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    Japan / Nippon

    Population (2003 est.): 127,214,499
    Languages : Japanese
    Capital : Tokyo

  • Dental Professional Body :
    Japan Dental Association
    (World Dental Federation regular member)  Home Page

    Postal Address :

    Japan Dental Association, 4-1-20 Kudan-kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102, Japan TEL: +81 3 3262 9213 FAX: +81 3 3262 9885

  • Dental Education :

    Dental Curriculum (6 Years) Number of Schools (29)
    Number of Dentists (85 518)
    Data Source: World Health Organization

    • Articles :

      Relationship between oral health behaviors and general health behaviors in a Japanese adult population.
      >Abstract   (J Public Health Dent.)

      Risk factors for tooth loss in the institutionalised elderly; a six-year cohort study.
      >Abstract   (Community Dent Health.)

      Home care workers' oral health awareness and practice for disabled elderly.
      >Abstract   (Kokubyo Gakkai Zasshi.)

      Utilization of dental health services by community-dwelling older adults in Japan who attended a weekly educational programme.
      >Abstract   (Gerodontology.)

      Periodontal conditions and diabetes mellitus in the Japanese-Brazilian population.
      >Free Full Text   (Rev Saude Publica.)

      An evaluation of oral health promotion programs at the work site.
      >Abstract   (Kokubyo Gakkai Zasshi.)

      Gender differences in oral health behavior and general health habits in an adult population.
      >Abstract   (Bull Tokyo Dent Coll.)

      Attitudes to oral care among caregivers in Japanese nursing homes.
      >Abstract   (Gerodontology.)

      New strategy for better geriatric oral health in Japan: 80/20 movement and Healthy Japan 21.
      >Abstract   (Int Dent J.)

      Questionnaire on "having a family dentist" and the status of oral health.
      >Abstract   (Kokubyo Gakkai Zasshi.)

      An assessment of oral self-care level among Japanese dental hygiene students and general nursing students using the Hiroshima University--Dental Behavioural Inventory (HU-DBI): surveys in 1990/1999.
      >Abstract   (Eur J Dent Educ.)

      Cross-cultural differences of self-reported oral health behaviour in Japanese and Finnish dental students.
      >Abstract   (Int Dent J.)

      Present state of dental health knowledge, attitudes/behaviour and perceived oral health of Japanese employees.
      >Abstract   (Int Dent J.)

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