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    Republic of Cameroon / République du Cameroun

    Population (2004 est.): 16,063,678
    Languages: French, English,African language groups
    Capital : Yaoundé

  • Dental Professional Body :
    Cameroon Dental Association / Association Nationale des Stomatologistes
    (World Dental Federation regular member)

    Postal Address :

    Association Nationale des Stomatologistes et des Chirurgiens Dentistes du Cameroun, Cabinet dentaire Polyvalent - Bonaberi, BP 1720, Doula, Cameroon TEL: +237 39 1892

  • Dental Education :

    Dental Curriculum () Number of Schools ()
    Number of Dentists (120)
    Data Source: World Health Organization

    • Articles :

      A pilot project of the integration of oro-dental care into the primary health care system in Cameroon.
      >Abstract   (Odontostomatol Trop.)

      Hygiene and methods of decontamination, disinfection and sterilization in dental offices in Yaounde.
      >Abstract   (Odontostomatol Trop.)

      The need for awareness oriented towards dental care in Yaounde.
      >Abstract   (Odontostomatol Trop.)

      Masticatory system pain-dysfunction syndrome at the University Hospital Center in Yaounde, Cameroon--a study in 1994
      >Abstract   (Odontostomatol Trop.)

      Septicemia of dental origin and post-extraction coma. Apropos of 3 cases.
      >Abstract   (Odontostomatol Trop.)

      Poverty and ignorance: the cause of late consultation in odontostomatology at the University Hospital Center in Yaounde.
      >Abstract   (Odontostomatol Trop.)

      Dental status of schoolchildren from a rural community in Cameroon.
      >Abstract   (SADJ.)

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